Gluten and Dairy Free Chicken and Prawn Jambalaya

serves / makes 4-6 people
30 prep time
30 mins cooking time


Creole jambalaya originates from the French Quarter of New Orleans, in the original European sector. It was an attempt by the Spanish to make paella in the New World, where saffron was not readily available due to import costs.

I managed to pick up smoked sausage from Lidl that didn’t contain any gluten or dairy keeping the cost of this dish down.






  1. Place the olive oil in a large pot and gently warm over a medium heat
  2. Add in the garlic, tomato puree and chicken
  3. Cook for 8 minutes
  4. Add in the smoked sausage, onion, peppers, cayenne pepper and smoked paprika
  5. Cook for a further 8 minutes
  6. Stir in the rice, chopped tomatoes and stock
  7. Bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes covered or until the rice is tender
  8. Season with salt and pepper
  9. Stir in the prawns and chives and cook for 5 minutes