Gluten & Dairy Free Coronation Chicken & Egg with Fresh Basil Sandwiches

serves / makes 4
40 prep time
40 mins cooking time


You can make this recipe with shop bought gluten free bread which really cuts down the preparation time. I missed ‘creamy’ sandwich fillers when I had to stop eating dairy so this is my attempt to make something to replace that. I have used fresh basil with the egg rather than the traditional cress. Basil just has such a lovely fresh fragrant flavour and just makes every dish you use it in more exciting (well, I think it does!)

I also used these sandwiches in my recipe to make my gluten and dairy free afternoon tea.


For the Garlic Thyme Focaccia:

For the coronation chicken:

For the egg with fresh basil:


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To make the foccacia bread:

To make the coronation chicken:

To make the egg with fresh basil: