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Lemon Iced Tea

lemon ice tea
Cooking Method
Difficulty Beginner
Prep Time: 10 min Cook Time: 25 min Total Time: 35 mins
Servings 4
Best Season Summer
  • 130 milliliters lemon juice
  • 50 grams honey or maple syrup or caster sugar
  • 250 milliliters boiling water
  • 4 tea bags
  • 375 milliliters cold water
  • 1 lemon (sliced)
  1. Place the lemon juice and honey/maple syrup/caster sugar in a saucepan over a medium heat
  2. Simmer for 5 minutes stirring occasionally
  3. Remove from the heat and allow to cool
  4. Place the boiling water and tea bags in a jug
  5. Allow the tea to steep for 20 minutes
  6. Remove the tea bags
  7. Stir in the lemon syrup, sliced lemon and chilled water
  8. Serve in glasses with ice
Keywords: tea