10 Tips to Help Out in the Kitchen

Hello everyone

Hopefully the recipes I share on my website inspire you get into the kitchen and start cooking up your own gluten and dairy free creations.  For something a bit different today I thought I would share some tips to help out in the kitchen.  What are your favourite tips – comment on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I’ll consolidate all your tips into anther article.



Top Tips for Food Photography by Simon & Simon Photography

When I started my blog I just took quick snaps of my food with my phone but was always disappointed by the results I got. I wanted to make the pictures look more alive so I’ve finally purchased what my Dad would call a proper camera! I’m slowly learning about food photography so rather than share the little knowledge I have with you I thought I would share the tips of a couple of experts.

Simon & Simon Photography take amazing food photographs and have recently been involved in a gluten free photo shoot. They have kindly taken the time to share with me their top tips for food photography.

Please check out Simon and Simon on Twitter, Facebook and finally their website!

Photo tips