Gluten and Dairy Free Hot Chocolate Pudding

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This is a very quick little pudding to put together, it only has three ingredients. The result is a light, fluffy, chocolatey pudding and all gluten and dairy free. This can be made while you are cooking your main and then baked in the oven will you are eating, the result is a pudding that looked like more effort went into it but keep that as your secret!

I’ve put the recipe on for an individual serving of this chocolate pudding but it can easily be scaled up to serve multiple people.


Gluten and Dairy Free Hot Chocolate Pudding Recipe

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Dairy and Gluten Free Summer Fruit Cheesecake

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Sometimes it feels like every dessert in the world contains either dairy or gluten! This recipe has the velvety, creamy texture of ‘normal’ dairy loaded cheesecake. I used dairy free soft cheese and dairy free cream both of which should be readily available in your local health food shop or in some supermarkets.

Dairy and Gluten Free Summer Fruits Cheesecake Recipe