Dairy and Gluten Free Creme Eggs

serves / makes 4 Eggs


  • 45g glucose syrup
  • 15g dairy free spread
  • 95g icing sugar
  • few drops of yellow food colouring
  • 100g dairy free chocolate


  • Place the chocolate in a small bowl and melt in the microwave
  • Coat an egg mould in chocolate, this is the tricky part getting it the correct thickness
  • Leave to set and then remove from the mould

creme eggs

  • To make the fondant filling cream together the glucose syrup and dairy free spread
  • Add in the icing sugar and beat until well incorporated
  • Remove about one third of the mix and add a few drops of the yellow food colouring
  • Divide the yellow mix into six and roll into small balls
  • Place some of the white fondant into each of the eggs

Image Text

  • Place the yolk into every second egg
  • Coat the edge of each egg with a little melted chocolate and glue the two egg halves together
  • Allow to set and then enjoy


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