January 1, 2020

Gluten and Dairy Free Breakfast Bagels

Hello everyone

Happy New Year — welcome to 2020!

If you over did it a little last night or just had a really late one then this comfort food breakfast will sort you out.  A toasted gluten free bagel with a herby sausage patty, fluffy eggs and dairy free cheese.  Serve it with a fresh orange juice and a big cup of coffee and you’ll be up and about ready for any New Year’s Day visitors.

Today’s post is definitely based on a certain breakfast favourite from a fast food establishment.  I do wish McDonalds had more gluten free options here in the UK.  I know it’s not a healthy option but I really only go about once a year and usually in mainland Europe where they have gluten free buns.  Last year in Sweden we had a little treat visit for my first Big Mac in about six years – happy memories.



Click here —> Gluten and Dairy Free Breakfast Bagels

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