September 8, 2019

Gluten and Dairy Free Cheese & Tomato Potato Bake

Hello everyone

I’ve had the outline of this recipe lingering around for ages and have never got round to making it.  In fact I have an absolute tonne of recipes at this stage of development.  That is telling me I’m spending too much time on development and not enough focusing on finalising, photographing and typing up.

I’ve decided to stop with any new ideas and I’ve written a list for each section of my website of half developed recipes.  Hopefully that will help me clear the backlog of half finished recipes.

This recipe can either be eaten as a standalone dish or used for a couple of people as a side dish.  It is really easy to put together but it does need an hour or so in the oven so the potatoes are cooked through.



Click here for recipe –> Gluten and Dairy Free Cheese & Tomato Potato Bake

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