July 26, 2019

Gluten and Dairy Free Cheese Steak Omelette

Hello everyone

Hope you are all surviving this ridiculously hot weather. It is has been a tough gig coming back to a house that has been shut up all day when I’ve been at work.  I think the only person loving the heat is Ollie cat – it seems to never be too warm for him.

The year before last I went to rural France for a few days with a friend. While the food I ate when I was there was amazing I had to stick to dishes that were naturally gluten and dairy free.  There wasn’t a whole lot of alternatives like gluten free bread, pizza etc.  On a day trip to Carcassone, which has the most amazing castle, I had the best omelette ever.

I just used to have really basic omelettes at home for a quick breakfast but my trip to France inspired me to make adventurous flavours. My recipe today is a for a tasty cheese steak omelette I whipped up for dinner last week.



Click here for recipe –> Gluten and Dairy Free Cheese Steak Omelette

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