June 22, 2019

Gluten & Dairy Free Ploughman’s Lunch

Hello everyone

This delicious dish has all my favourites combined; ham, cheese, crusty bread and pickled onions.  I actually made this for dinner one night even though it has lunch in the title. Unfortunately after dreaming about eating as much cheese and ham as I wanted it was ruined by one clumsy cat.  Luckily Ollie is so cute he gets forgiven for being ridiculous.

Ollie cat managed to sneak into the kitchen and bashed into my photo-board sending my glass of cider spilling right through my dinner.  In perfect comedy timing I managed to snap the camera just as the cider was on it’s way down and I’m convinced I can see a paw exiting stage left.



Gluten & Dairy Free Ploughman’s Lunch

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