May 25, 2019

Apple & Peach Rooibos Punch

Hello everyone

I said a few weeks ago I would be sharing this recipe with you but got muddled up and released the recipe for apple nachos instead.  Well they do both start with apple!

I’m not a big tea drinker, I love my cup of coffee but have never really got into the habit of drinking tea.  I’ve had a packet of red rooibos tea in the cupboard for a few months that I got as part of a lovely hamper and have been thinking what I could do with it.  Just drinking it as a normal cup of tea wasn’t to my tastes as I found it a bit bitter.  Luckily this punch is right up my street and I will be buying rooibos tea again so I can make this recipe.



Apple & Peach Rooibos Punch

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