April 7, 2019

Gluten and Dairy Free Cajun Prawns

Hello everyone

This recipe is the first one in my new format that I will be using going forward.  It hopefully is easier to follow and you can also print this out as a recipe card if you wish.

I would like to go back and reformat my old recipes but since there are almost a thousand of them it may take me a while!  I always seem to have a little project like this going on with the website, the last one was trying to optimise the file size of 18,000 pictures and thumbnails stored on the site.

This recipe is perfect for a light lunch or a fun sharing starter and it is super simple to make.  I’ve made a simple avocado dip, cooked some prawns in cajun spices and served with tortilla chips.



Click here for recipe:  Gluten and Dairy Free Cajun Prawns

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