March 10, 2019

Single Serve Gluten and Dairy Free Mushroom Soup

Hello everyone

I must admit I do like to be organised with food when I can be.  I like a plan of what I’m going to make for the week and I can’t be bothered popping to the shop multiple times.  That doesn’t mean I’m always organised and have a fully stocked fridge though.  One weekend I had next to nothing in the house but really fancied soup for lunch.  I only had a small amount of mushrooms lurking in the fridge, enough I decided for the one bowl of soup I was craving.

Normally I make soup in massive batches and either freeze it or eat for lunch for days in a row.  The idea of making just one portion of soup seemed pretty alien to me.  It worked out perfectly so I thought I would share the recipe with everyone in case it is useful for you.  It only takes about 20 minutes to make so is a perfect lunch for one.



Single Serve Gluten and Dairy Free Mushroom Soup

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