November 23, 2018

An Intro to Other Exciting Foodie Channels

Hello everyone

Over the past year or so my recipes have appeared on a number of cool cooking websites and social media apps.  If you are reading this you are hopefully interested in food and recipes so I thought it would be a cool idea to share some of the different places you can find my and a whole new world of food articles and recipes.

Hope you enjoy exploring these sites, some are obvious and some a little more obscure.  I hope to see you on some of these sites.




FoodGawker is a collection of some of the best food photographs taken.  You can sort by the most popular recipes (or the most gawked), by types of food or by specific people.  It is a really visual way to get to get cooking inspiration and you can click on the photo and go straight to the website so also a great way to discover new bloggers to follow.

New recipes are added multiple times throughout the day so it’s a great site to keep an eye on which casually browsing the internet.

I’ve sneaked ina a picture of Bailey’s Almande gluten and dairy free dark chocolate cheesecake which is coming soon as a Christmas dessert idea.


Flipboard can be accessed through a webpage or as an app on your mobile device.  You can follow certain topics and/or people who share articles.  You can then add these articles to your own magasine if you want to save them for later.  It is a really cool app allowing you to flick though articles in the style of an online magasine and covers any topic you can think of, not just recipes.


I’m probably pretty late to the party regarding Pinterest.  I’ve recently started to develop a little bit of an obsession with it from recipes to clothes to cats (sums up my life)! I’ve also reformatted some of my photographs to make them pretty and have started to pin them and enjoy collaborating with other food bloggers on shared recipes boards.

Finding Vegan

Finding Vegan is a treasure trove of vegan recipes.  It absolutely has the best collection of vegan recipes all with beautiful photos and direct links back to the original website.  A number of my recipes are vegan and I’m excited to be featured on the website.


I’m really getting into Instagram, I enjoy seeing all the other foodie finds and recipes that have been created by other gluten and/or dairy free people. I also share some other photos of bits and pieces I find interesting.


Fridgg is similar to FoodGawker, people share all sorts of exciting food pictures.  You can like the photos, comment on them and follow a link through to their websites.  It is a great way to get inspiration and also discover new food blogs.


Bloglovin’ is the ultimate site for people who love catching up on their favourite blogs.  You can subscribe to multiple blogs and keep up to date with all new blog posts in one handy place.

Tasty Kitchen

Tasty Kitchen is a lovely cooking community website.  You can set up a free account and either share your own family recipes or view and save to your online recipe box other people’s recipes.  A great way to discover new family favourites.


Facebook was my very first venture into social media and is probably one of my biggest communities.  I have a community page for my recipes and a closed discussion group.

My Taste

My Taste is something similar to Tasty Kitchen, you can save your favourite recipes into your own cookbooks.  You can also link to recipes you have found on any website from your cookbook.


Tumblr I’ve just strayed with, I share my recipes and I’m linked to other recipe websites you can explore.


Dishfolio is similar to FoodGawker and Fridgg – you can see and search thousands of food photographs and click through to the originators website.


As well as finding new recipes, Twitter is a great way to keep up to date with what is happy in the gluten and dairy free world.  People sharing opinions on new products, eating out, events etc.


Google+ I’m still getting use to.  I’ve uploaded a number of my recipes and have linked them into a few groups like gluten free recipes and food blogger groups.


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