October 8, 2018

Gluten and Dairy Free Thai Basil Chicken

Hello everyone

Last week was pretty stressful for the website, the behind the scenes coding had gone wrong when my hosting company tried to fix another problem.  I could see the material on the site from the links I had posted on social media but if you googled freefromfavourites or went directly to the website it wasn’t there anymore.

Luckily my brother in law is a computer programmer and was able to find and fix the problem which I am extremely grateful for.  I started the website 4 years ago and it has really become my main hobby, I love thinking of new ideas for it and interacting with you all on social media.

Today’s recipe is super yummy and very easy to make – a winning combination.  If you don’t have Thai basil just use normal basil from the supermarket and keep it as your own secret!  I made this when a friend was up visiting from London and he left with the recipe so I’ll take that as a compliment.



Gluten and Dairy Free Thai Basil Chicken

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