April 22, 2018

Gluten and Dairy Free Creamy Orange & Mango Smoothie

Hello everyone

I spent a few hours going through the recipes that I needed to share on the website – this one falls into the category of being typed up but missing a photograph.  I try to be organised but I have recipes and photos all over the place – things written on spare pieces of paper in a folder, some in a notebook and some typed up on my computer.  I also have a  mix on the computer of recipes typed up with no photographs and edited photographs with no recipes. I’m planning on spending the next few weeks sorting through everything rather than keeping working on new things.

Today’s recipe is for this simple but delicious smoothie – very creamy from the banana and dairy free natural yoghurt.  Smoothies came to popularity in California beaches in the mid 1960s and were traditionally made from ice, orange juice and strawberries.  They replaced milkshakes, flavoured with fruit syrups, in popularity due to the invention and mass marketing of the blender.  It wasn’t until years later that smoothie varieties expanded to include dairy, vegetables and a wide variety of fruit.



Gluten and Dairy Free Creamy Orange & Mango Smoothie

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