March 18, 2018

Gluten and Dairy Free Greek Chicken Box


Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on the guide and recipes I posted a couple of weeks ago on how to do some gluten and dairy free meal prep.  I’m glad that a number of you found it useful and it gave you some news ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Rather than do another big post on meal prep, over the next few months I’ll continue to share with you guys the occasional recipe which lends its self to meal prep.  Today’s recipe is for this gluten and dairy free Greek chicken box – a rice salad, lemon and herb chicken, tomatoes, tzatziki dip and some fruit to finish off with.  I prepared two of these boxes on the Sunday night and both were still perfectly fresh when I enjoyed them for lunch on Tuesday and Thursday.

Look for my next meal prep recipes coming soon – gluten and dairy free pepperoni pizza pasta pots – try saying that quickly.



Gluten and Dairy Free Greek Chicken Box

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