November 18, 2017

Gluten and Dairy Free Chicken Panang Curry

Evening everyone

Looking for some inspiration for dinner tonight?  You could try my easy to prepare gluten and dairy free chicken panang curry.  All the ingredients are naturally gluten and dairy free and should be easy to source from your local supermarket.  The addition of the coconut milk makes this sauce lovely and creamy without the need for any dairy.

I’m supposed to be having a get things done weekend after spending the last two weekends in London – the house is a bit of a tip, the website needs updating and I’m having surgery next week on my left hand so need to prepare for that as well.  Instead I spent the day with my three month old niece eating some lovely gluten and dairy free cake in a cafe and tomorrow I’m meeting up with a friend.  Going to try and squeeze everything I need to do into tonight but I’ll probably be disorganised for next week – such is life.



Gluten and Dairy Free Thai Chicken Panang Curry

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