A Gluten and Dairy Free Guide to Beziers

My friend and I went to Beziers last week for a few days and had an amazing time.  Beziers is in the Languedoc region in Southern France.  It is considered one of the oldest cities in France  dating back to 525 BC.


Before I go anywhere on holiday I always google gluten free restaurants to see what people have recommended.  For the first time ever nothing came up that I could use – only a creperie that had closed last year.

Luckily when we got there we didn’t have any problems finding things to eat so thought I would share my experience of our short trip with you guys.

The main difference I experienced on this trip compared to other holidays was the lack of advertised gluten free.  What I mean by that is in say Italy, my personal experience was restaurants had boards outside saying gluten free here, they even had dedicated gluten free bakeries. But as I found out that didn’t mean it was’t available.

So, here is a few places I ate at:

Memphis Coffee


The menu doesn’t state anything about gluten or dairy free but when we asked they were more than happy to advise what could be adjusted on the menu to make it suitable for me.

We actually ate there twice.  The first visit I had steak and fries:

We also visited a second time and they made me this salad that was kind of a hybrid of two of the salads on the menu to make it gluten and dairy free:

No holiday is complete without dairy free ice-cream/sorbet.  Louise Les Glaces was amazing and had a little stall at Polygone shopping area.

As we had an apartment we had breakfast and one dinner on our lovely balcony, view below:

I found it easy to pick up gluten and dairy free essentials at the supermarket.  We went to the Casino market at the Polygone shopping area:

Casino also had a range of gluten and dairy free pasta dishes which we used as an easy meal after a long day trip:

For a day trip we went to Carcassone which has the most amazing castle ever:

We ate at La Cortine in the village square and they offered me a few gluten and dairy free options.  I went with omelette, salad and fries, very tasty.

Hope this helps a bit if you are planning a trip to Beziers.