November 14, 2016

Gluten and Dairy Free Advent Calendars 2016


Hello everyone

I’m trying to be prepared and get ahead with Christmas this year – I have it at my house and while I absolutely love it (feeding people is what I do!) it is hard work.

I had a holiday from work today so I made a couple of Christmas recipes and photographed them for the website and then spent the afternoon Christmas shopping. I’m having an operation on my knee next week so I have no desire to be going round the busy shops on crutches!

So since I’m feeling all Christmassy today I thought I would share a post on gluten and dairy free advent calendar finds.  Hope this helps – share other ones you have found in the comments below or on social media.



Chocologic Free From Advent Calendar – £2.50



Buy the Chocologic Advent Calendar fromm Tesco

Asda’s Free From Advent Calendar – £2.50


Buy Asda’s Free From Advent Calendar


Holland and Barrett Free From Advent Calendar – £3.99


Buy this at Holland and Barrett

Choices Dairy Free Advent Calendar – £3.50


Buy the Choices advent calendar from Amazon

Moo Free – Dairy Free Advent Calendar – £4.75

moo Free

Buy the Moo Free Advent Calendar at Natural Collection


Imported by Town – German White Chocolate Advent Calendar – £9.99


Buy this at Vegan Town

Zotter Dairy Free Advent Calendar – £19.99


Note: this has a may contain milk warning

Buy the Zotter Advent Calendar at Vegan Town

Montezumas Organic and Vegan Advent Calendar – £9.99


Note: this has a may contain milk warning

Buy at Montezumas Online shop


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