May 22, 2016

Gluten and Dairy Free Raspberry and Orange Smoothie

Hello everyone

I’m not very good at judging which recipes will be more popular than others, somethings I think are great might not have as many views while others I might have doubts about sharing are very popular. I often wonder if people want to see the simple smoothie recipes but one of my most read posts a few weeks ago was the recipe for the nutritious chocolate smoothie. Given that I thought I would share another smoothie recipe, this time one with a summary feel from the raspberry and orange.

I need this fruit boost to counteract all the cake I’m eating while I’m working on the new book – gluten and dairy free cakes. So far I’ve got the chapters defined and have finished and photographed 10 of the 50 recipes. The outline of the book so far looks like this:



Gluten and Dairy Free Raspberry and Orange Smoothie Recipe

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