April 22, 2016

Gluten and Dairy Free Easy Chicken Korma Recipe

Hello Everyone

I’ve been in Rome for the last week on a little holiday with my parents, it’s been great just switching off and relaxing for a bit. I’ve written a little travel guide to Rome before but I’m always amazed at the amount of gluten and dairy free food that is readily available in restaurants, and of course the quality. With a little bit of research before I went I was able to visit restaurants, cafes, bakeries and ice-cream shops that always had something I could enjoy. If you want to know more about eating out in Rome then search for “Rome’ on my website and you can view the article I wrote about where I ate.

I’m on the way to London now to visit friends for a few days before heading back up to Scotland, I’ve found a number of amazing places to eat here as well – I think I need to update my post about eating out in London.

Today I thought I would upload one of my simple recipes for Chicken Korma. This recipe may be classed as cheating a bit because I’ve used a korma paste rather than making it from scratch. The majority of korma pastes you can pick up in the supermarket are gluten and dairy free but as always please check the packaging. Sometimes you just need a simple recipe to put together that tastes great, everyone enjoys and most importantly it is gluten and dairy free – my website is all about that, helping you survive day to day rather than huge complicated recipes. Though one day I might upload a recipe making chicken Korma from scratch and totally contradict that message!

Hope you enjoy this simple dinner, perfect for easy week nights. If you want more gluten and dairy free curry ideas then check out the website for red lentil curry, chicken jalfrezi, chicken tikka masala, potato and spinach curry and tandoori salmon.



Gluten and Dairy Free Easy Chicken Korma Recipe

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