January 2, 2016

A Gluten and Dairy Free Guide to Rome

I was lucky enough to visit Rome in November and it was such a great holiday. Due to a little bit of research before I went I was able to enjoy all the food delights that Italy has to offer – gluten and dairy free. If you are thinking of going to Rome this is a little summary of a few of the places we visited.




We stayed at The Independent Hotel – they clearly state on there website that gluten and dairy free options are catered for at the breakfast buffet. Every morning I enjoyed a selection of gluten free breads and sweet treats as well as a delicious soya cappuccino.

hotel breakfast

Eating Out

Mama Eat

Mama Eat offer a huge amount of gluten and dairy free options – they actually have an 8 page menu you can pick from. I went for the Marinara Pizza which is just simple tomato and garlic sauce with no cheese – it was very good.

mama eat

Il Viaggio

Il Viaggio specialises in food allergies and they also had a huge amount of choice. I had an amazing four course dinner of Bruschetta, Italian Sausage and Bread, Lemon Noodles with Prawns and Sesame Salmon.

Image Text

4 Fiumi

I had my heart set on trying the traditional spaghetti carbonara but I didn’t think it would be easy to find a version that was both gluten and dairy free. We went for dinner one night at 4 Fiumi and they were more than happy to make me a special version of spaghetti carbonara that was both gluten and dairy free – it was delicious.

Image Text

Ristorante L’Angolino di Mirko, Tivoli

We went a day trip to Tivoli to see the amazing Roman Villas, we had lunch in the charming Ristorante L’Angolino di Mirko. I had handmade gluten free tagliatelle with slow cooked ragu – it was fabulous.

Ristorante L'Angolino di Mirko

Ice-Cream and Other Treats


There are a number of dairy free ice cream parlours across Rome – I tried two of them, Punto Gelato and Grom. I preferred Grom’s ice-cream but their gluten free cone had butter in it so I couldn’t try that but the dairy free chocolate and pear ice cream was amazing.

At Punto Gelato I had the gluten free cone with dairy free banana ice cream, a real treat.

banana cone

Rome also has a couple of gluten free bakeries that offer a few items that are dairy free as well – we paid a quick visit to GZero:


The Cat Cafe – Romeow Cat Bistrot

pumpkin soup

My friend found an article about a cat cafe that specialised in gluten and dairy free food – being a mad cat lady and gluten and dairy free he thought this was my ideal cafe. It was a lovely relaxing lunch watching the cats and I enjoyed a pumpkin and mushroom soup followed by chocolate cheesecake and a rice milk latte.


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