A Gluten and Dairy Free Guide to Brighton


I found myself in Brighton for a few days a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised to see how many gluten and dairy free options I had for eating out. I actually had a list of so many places I wanted to visit I only made it to about half of them – that of course means I have to return to finish this write up on Brighton!

Accomodation/Breakfast – Brighton House

Brighton House

We stayed in Brighton House Guest House – the breakfast was fabulous. They totally understood coeliac and cross contamination – anything that was available as part of a buffet they brought me separately straight from the kitchen. They offered gluten free bread but a large part of what they offered was naturally gluten free. They also had Alpro soya yoghurt and milk s standard options making it very easy to enjoy a full gluten and dairy free breakfast. The owners/staff are lovely and they have a very cute old cat called Mr Watts! Check them out here —> Brighton House

The Chilli Pickle

chilli pickle

I love curry – barely a week goes by without me having curry for dinner so when I read about the Chilli Pickle in Brighton it went to the top of my list to visit. As I’m a good mixture of greedy and curious I opted for the King Thali platter, this gave me a good selection of curry, dal, chutneys, pakora and bread. The menu is clearly marked with vegan and gluten free options but basically they can make anything from scratch for you that is gluten and dairy free which is amazing. My Thali platter had three different types of bread, and just to reassure me I had to check again they were actually gluten free! Tasted great and the staff were really clued up on food allergies/coeliac, well worth a visit.

Check them out here —> The Chilli Pickle

Terre a Terre

I was really excited to try this place as I had looked at the photos of their food online and it was so pretty – thankfully I can tell you it tastes as good as it looks. We went for the three course set lunch which is £29 so maybe more of a place to visit for a treat. I can’t tell you how excited I was to have a gluten and dairy free dessert that wasn’t fruit salad or sorbet! I’ve copied in the description of each dish as it so beautifully written on the menu it is like poetry!

Starter: Arepas Deep fried sweetcorn chermoula chips served with chilli chelly jelly, avocado coriander chilli garlic hash and a fresh and zesty oregano and lime mojo.


Main: Rosti Revisited Crispy fried potato, onion and garlic rosti, topped with sautéed buttered spinach, finished with cream, garlic, parsley and nutmeg, topped with a soft poached egg and melted cheese.


Dessert: Hot Banana Hot banana almond spice cake and toasted cinnamon, nutmeg sugar spice crumbs served with warm white miso sweet sherry caramel and sticky anise olive oil pineapple in a clove laced syrup with rum parfait ice cream, coffee bean hazelnut praline, espresso syrup and banana pistachio cream


Check them out here —> Terre a Terre