Gluten and Dairy Free Strawberry and Chocolate Granola Pancakes Recipe

Another gluten and dairy free pancake recipe! This time I’ve topped them with a dairy free chocolate spread and sprinkled on some gluten free strawberry granola. Incase you’re wondering I used the Plamil dairy free chocolate spread and Glebe Farm Gluten Free Strawberry Granola.

A perfect start to the day.



Gluten and Dairy Free Strawberry and Chocolate Granola Pancakes Recipe

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Gluten and Dairy Free Orange Marmalade Loaf

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If you love oranges then this loaf cake is for you. To get the most out of the orangey flavour it includes marmalade, orange juice, orange zest and just to be sure I’ve topped it with a few orange slices. If that isn’t enough orange for you then serve the loaf topped with a little extra marmalade.



Gluten and Dairy Free Orange Marmalade Loaf Recipe

A Gluten and Dairy Free Guide to Brighton


I found myself in Brighton for a few days a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised to see how many gluten and dairy free options I had for eating out. I actually had a list of so many places I wanted to visit I only made it to about half of them – that of course means I have to return to finish this write up on Brighton!

Accomodation/Breakfast – Brighton House

Brighton House

We stayed in Brighton House Guest House – the breakfast was fabulous. They totally understood coeliac and cross contamination – anything that was available as part of a buffet they brought me separately straight from the kitchen. They offered gluten free bread but a large part of what they offered was naturally gluten free. They also had Alpro soya yoghurt and milk s standard options making it very easy to enjoy a full gluten and dairy free breakfast. The owners/staff are lovely and they have a very cute old cat called Mr Watts! Check them out here —> Brighton House

The Chilli Pickle

chilli pickle

I love curry – barely a week goes by without me having curry for dinner so when I read about the Chilli Pickle in Brighton it went to the top of my list to visit. As I’m a good mixture of greedy and curious I opted for the King Thali platter, this gave me a good selection of curry, dal, chutneys, pakora and bread. The menu is clearly marked with vegan and gluten free options but basically they can make anything from scratch for you that is gluten and dairy free which is amazing. My Thali platter had three different types of bread, and just to reassure me I had to check again they were actually gluten free! Tasted great and the staff were really clued up on food allergies/coeliac, well worth a visit.

Check them out here —> The Chilli Pickle

Terre a Terre

I was really excited to try this place as I had looked at the photos of their food online and it was so pretty – thankfully I can tell you it tastes as good as it looks. We went for the three course set lunch which is £29 so maybe more of a place to visit for a treat. I can’t tell you how excited I was to have a gluten and dairy free dessert that wasn’t fruit salad or sorbet! I’ve copied in the description of each dish as it so beautifully written on the menu it is like poetry!

Starter: Arepas Deep fried sweetcorn chermoula chips served with chilli chelly jelly, avocado coriander chilli garlic hash and a fresh and zesty oregano and lime mojo.


Main: Rosti Revisited Crispy fried potato, onion and garlic rosti, topped with sautéed buttered spinach, finished with cream, garlic, parsley and nutmeg, topped with a soft poached egg and melted cheese.


Dessert: Hot Banana Hot banana almond spice cake and toasted cinnamon, nutmeg sugar spice crumbs served with warm white miso sweet sherry caramel and sticky anise olive oil pineapple in a clove laced syrup with rum parfait ice cream, coffee bean hazelnut praline, espresso syrup and banana pistachio cream


Check them out here —> Terre a Terre

Gluten and Dairy Free Guide to London – Part One

Basilico Pizza

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Basilico Pizza creates beautiful gluten free pizzas in their wood burning ovens. Basilico have a number of branches across London and you can place your order online for collection or delivery. About 99% of the toppings are gluten free which gave me huge choice to create my own pizza. As well as gluten free bases being an option you can also pick to have your pizza topped with dairy free cheese – this was super exciting for me as I’m so used to eating cheeseless pizzas. I opted for the 12” gluten free pizza topped with tomato sauce, vegan cheese, red onion, roasted peppers and serrano ham – it was amazing. The pizza box also had a little gluten free sticker on to ensure the pizzas didn’t get mixed up.

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Check out there allergen menu here:

Honest Burger

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I hadn’t come across a burger restaurant where I could get the burger in a bun and the fries that were gluten and dairy free, some did the fries but not the bun and I even found a place that did the bun but not the fries. That was until I found Honest burger – not only could I get the lovely rosemary salted fries gluten and dairy free but also the burger, the bun, the onion rings and if I could have managed it the coleslaw. The waiters were lovely and totally understood coeliac, cross contamination etc, they thought it was funny I was so excited to have the complete works that they gave me a little jar of their homemade chilli mayo to try. Find Honest burgers doted in several locations across London.

Nama’s Raw Artisan Food

Nama’s is a beautiful little café tucked away in Notting Hill – we visited it on a sunny day and enjoy an amazing lunch. Nama’s specialise in plant based raw food, they don’t use gluten or dairy when creating their recipes meaning you have a huge choice from the menu. I have only had one experience before of raw food and I wasn’t really impressed so I thought I would either love or hate Namas. Luckily I loved it, how they manage to get that amount of flavour into their dishes I’ll never know. You can either sit in or have takeaway – if you want to eat in I would recommend you book in advance as they are very busy and have limited seating.

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I had the Italian tasting platter which included a lasagne, a mini pizza and courgette spaghetti, followed by an amazing mocha cheesecake and washed down with a delicious chocolate smoothie. The whole experience was great from the atmosphere of the café to the food that tasted as beautiful as the artistic presentation.

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Cookies and Scream

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Cookies and Scream is a gluten free and vegan bakery in Camden Lock Market serving the most wonderful treats you can imagine. I was super excited to visit and choose a few cakes to take with me on my next few days travel. I had an amazing hot chocolate fudge shake and for takeaway I went for the peanut butter and jelly cookie, a chocolate brownie and a piece of choc chip peanut butter pie. Everything was so delicious and it stayed fresh for the couple of days I took to eat it!

To put this picture into perspective, the cakes are on a giant dinner plate:

Image Text

Coming soon – part 2 of my gluten and dairy free guide to London where I’ll be visiting Beyond Bread, Dishoom, The Good Life Eatery and Niche Foods



Gluten and Dairy Free Chocolate and Banana Layer Cake

banana layer cake

Originally I was going to make this as a marble cake but I’ve got a couple of them already on the website. As the colours are so contrasting I thought it would look cool as a layered cake. Just to make it look a little prettier, as I made this a gift for my friend who was feeling poorly, I iced mine with a little dairy free chocolate spread and a drizzle of yellow icing.



Gluten and Dairy Free Chocolate and Banana Layer Cake Recipe

Gluten and Dairy Free Guide to Bristol

I’ve been really lucky to find a number of great gluten and dairy free eateries on my travels recently so I thought I would write them down for future reference for myself and for you guys in case you are visiting one of these cities. I was only in Bristol overnight but had a great dinner out and breakfast the next day so although this is a short post I thought it was worth sharing.

Dinner At Graze ChopHouse


This restaurant or Chophouse, was across the road from our hotel and we decided to try it out. The menu is marked for gluten free options but not dairy free however the staff were very knowledgeable about what was in the food and cross contamination etc. That meant I was able to choose a main that suited me and due to the fact I could eat about 75% of the side dishes on order we could share them safely between our party of six. I opted for their flat iron steak and it was one of the best steaks I have had in a long time – everyone at the table had different dishes cooked to different levels and everyones was perfect. They also offered vegetarian options including risotto and salads. It would have been nice to have had more choice for pudding, I had the sorbet but overall a good dining experience.

Breakfast at Friska Foods


Friska Foods offers healthy fast foods and has multiple locations across the city, we had breakfast in the one at Harbourside. The menu is clearly marked with allergens and has a wide choice of gluten and dairy free options. I went for the gluten and dairy free bircher, followed by a poached egg with spinach, avocado and crumbled chorizo. I also tried one of their dairy free smoothies – I picked the strawberry and banana. They also offer a choice of dairy free milk for your coffee – you can pick between soya, almond and oat milk.

The café itself had a really relaxed atmosphere giving us time to pick what we wanted and then sit and relax with the newspaper (or laptop in my case) without feeling rushed – just what we needed after a late night.

Check them out at:



Gluten, Dairy and Yeast Free Jam Donuts


There is nothing better than freshly cooked donuts, especially those filled with jam. I wanted to make donuts for lunch today but I didn’t have the time to wait on the yeast activating to make my usual recipe. I know there is a few of you that can’t eat yeast so this recipe will hopefully suit you.

You can refrigerate or freezer the uncooked donuts until you are ready to use them, that way you will always be able to enjoy them fresh.



Gluten, Dairy and Yeast Free Jam Donuts Recipe