June 21, 2015

Provena Gluten Free Oats


For those of you that follow me regularly you can probably guess that I’m a big fan of gluten free oats as they feature in a lot of my recipes. A ‘gluten free’ oat is a bit of a funny concept as oat protein does not naturally contain the gluten found in wheat, rye or barley as oats come from a different family of cereals.

Unfortunately traditional farming and processing techniques means that oats become cross contaminated with gluten containing cereals making the oats unsuitable for consumption by coeliacs. So for an oat to be gluten free it must be farmed and processed away from other cereals containing gluten.

I was excited when gluten free oat manufacturer, Provena, got in touch to tell me about their product range, They kindly set me some samples to try and I was so impressed I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys and the recipes I made.

I was reassured to see the storyboard on http://www.provena.fi/en/gluteeniton-kaura that showed how they keep their oats gluten free. This is a summary of their process:

Provena offer the following products:

I’ll be reviewing the jumbo oats, raspberry oatmeal, oat flour and oat bread mix and sharing the recipes I made with them over the coming week.

Check out Provena at their website or follow them on Facebook



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