June 6, 2015

Gluten and Dairy Free Pop Tarts

pop tarts

Pop Tarts always make me think of primary school when they were the height of fashion. I was away on a self-catering holiday a few weeks ago and I took along some easily prepared gluten and dairy free food, one of which was a free from pop tart. Unfortunately I hadn’t considered the contamination risk of the toaster and decided, rather stupidly, to try and wrap the pop tart in baking paper. As you can probably guess, the paper caught fire and I watched in dismay as the pop tart was promptly removed from the toaster and ended up in the sink with the tap being run on it. The poor little limp toaster pastry was fished from the sink and made it’s way straight to the bin!

This incident then made me start to think about how I could make my own gluten and dairy free pop tarts (and making sure they didn’t catch fire and end up in the sink)! You can fill these with anything you like, I used some summer fruit compote I had but some jam or stewed apples would work well.



Gluten and Dairy Free Pop Tarts Recipe

toaster pastries

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