Review of Udi’s Gluten and Dairy Free Chocolate Cake Mix


As promised this is the next review in my series of review’s of Udi’s new gluten and dairy free cake mixes and flour. This week I’m reviewing the chocolate flavour sponge cake mix. For starters it is great to see a chocolate gluten free cake mix that is also dairy free.

The cake mix looks like this:

Cake Mix Packet

and is available to buy in Tesco for £2.50.

The ingredients in this mix are:


I made the cake up per the instructions on the packet which was to add dairy free spread, eggs, soya yoghurt and some vanilla essence. The instructions were easy to follow and the cake mix was made up quickly. I put it in the oven and enjoyed the chocolatey smell while it cooked.

When I removed the cake from the oven in looked lovely and light and I couldn’t wait for it to cool so I could taste it. The cake had that lovely slightly crisp outside but was soft and fluffy in the middle. It did taste of chocolate but it wasn’t an overly sweet cake.

Image Text

I have a really sweet tooth and I think it would have to be iced before serving but that is just personal preference. I think the options for serving this cake is endless. The packet suggestions topping with fondant icing or chocolate cream or raspberries. It also tells you how to make the cake mix into cup cakes which is very helpful.

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I decied to top my cake with some cashew nut butter and fresh raspberries which complimented it perfectly. I would definitely buy this cake mix, it would be a great addition to my gluten and dairy free store cupboard. We had if for lunch and everyone really enjoyed which is a great sign as I was the only coeliac!

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Coming soon ……… Reviews of Udi’s gluten and dairy free pastry mix and plain flour!