May 12, 2014

Guest Recipe by Ash for Gluten & Dairy Free Crashed Eggs

Like me, Ash is a fan of simple ‘naturally’ gluten free and dairy free Spanish recipes. Diagnosed with coeliac as a child, Ash has years of experience of living with coeliac, look out for his guide to home-brewed gluten free beer, coming soon. Follow Ash on twitter, here is his recipe for Crashed Eggs:



  1. Slice some potatoes and onions, red or white, and start frying bacon lardons or strips in a pan in some olive oil.
  2. Add potato and onions once bacon is browned.
  3. Once browned, add chopped garlic and move it around.
  4. Then add around four eggs about 15 inches from the pan in different places of the pan.
  5. This should allow them to crash into the pan.
  6. Don’t move them around, just allow them to cook.
  7. Then serve.

Crashed Eggs

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