April 24, 2014

Pizza Hut – Gluten & Dairy Free Pizza Review

For people on both a gluten and dairy free diet, a visit to a pizza restaurant can be a disappointing experience. The wheat base and the cheesy topping is not the friend of the coeliac and/or dairy free diet.

Pizza Hut introduced a gluten free pizza last year, it was developed with close consultation from Coeliac UK and has been awarded the NGCI accreditation (No Gluten Containing).

One of the great ideas that Pizza Hut has introduced is making only the gluten free pizzas square. If you are served a non-square pizza then it isn’t gluten free.

My first trip to Pizza Hut was a vey pleasant experience and I was delighted by both the quality of the pizza and the service. When I arrived at the restaurant I informed the server that I couldn’t have dairy or gluten and they were extremely knowledgable. I didn’t have to explain the dangers of cross contamination, the waitress completely understood all aspects of my condition.

She immediately brought me an allergy menu so I could decide what toppings I wanted on my pizza. Both the BBQ and tomato sauce are dairy and gluten free as are the majority of the toppings, obviously with the exception of the cheese! I chose a BBQ sauce with a gluten free base topped with chicken, peppers and onions.

When I placed my order the waitress phoned the kitchen to re-iterate the importance of cross contamination. She also returned with a freshly prepared salad so I didn’t run the risk of cross contamination from the communal, self service salad trolley.

When the pizza arrived I was surprised by the additional toppings the kitchen staff had added to the pizza to compensate for the lack of cheese. This made a huge difference from my usual pizza dining experience of a cardboardy base with a bit of tomato sauce painted on it. The base was light and crispy without being dry and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.

Pizza Hut

I have returned on several occasions to different branches and have always been served by very knowledgable staff. The pizza is also available for takeaway and you can order on-line and specify the gluten free base with no cheese.

If I was to change anything about the experience it would be to suggest Pizza Hut widen the range of starters/sides and desserts for people with food problems. The potato wedges and chicken wings had gluten in them and there was no dairy free pudding option, perhaps a sorbet would be a great addition.

All in all I would definitely recommend this as a casual dining experience for gluten and/or dairy free people.

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