April 2, 2014

10 Ways With ……….. Gluten and Dairy Free Pancakes

Berries & Cream

This is the first in what will hopefully become a regular feature – 10 Ways With. The idea is simple, you get a basic recipe, in this instance gluten and dairy free pancake mix, and then ten different suggestions or ‘ways with’.

I used to eat a lot of pancakes before I had to stop eating dairy and gluten so it was one of the first things that I attempted to make to suit my new dietary requirements. A lot of dairy and gluten free recipes can be complicated and have a lot of ingredients that you have never heard of. I tried with this recipe to keep it quick and simple with as few ingredients in the basic mix as possible, some GF flour, an egg, a little sugar, some dairy free milk and of course xanthan gum the GF cooks best friend.

I’ve put together 10 tasty serving suggestions that could be used for either breakfast, lunch, dessert or as a tasty treat anytime of the day:

  1. Chocolate chip pancakes
  2. Apple and cinnamon pancakes
  3. Banana, peanut butter and honey pancakes
  4. Strawberry, chocolate and marshmallows pancakes
  5. Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup
  6. Blueberry pancakes
  7. Pancakes with sausage and scrambled eggs
  8. Sultana and lemon pancakes
  9. Rhubarb and natural soya yoghurt pancakes
  10. Berries and cream pancakes

Enjoy your pancakes!

10 Ways With ….. Gluten and Dairy Free Pancake Recipe Link

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